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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


Hello and welcome to Projek Hikayat. Projek Hikayat wishes to ensure users that their personal information is safe whilst using our services. All information given by the user while visiting our website or services is protected under the terms of the following privacy policy.

Scope of Third Party Content 

Projek Hikayat defines personal information as any information capable of aiding in the identification of said user. 

This includes:

  1. Information provided by the user on registration/audition forms.

  2. Other information provided by the user when using our services.

Any user information that falls within the above definition will not be shared to any third parties by Projek Hikayat. However, please note that the following Privacy Policy only applies to Projek Hikayat’s official sites and services, and does not extend to any linked external sites. As such, we cannot be held responsible for any data collected, or shared, by said external sites. For such cases, the user is encouraged to observe the personal privacy policy of the respective website. 

Use and Disclosure of Information

Any information collected through our services will be used for the following purposes:

  1. For recruitment and talent seeking purposes. 

  2. To deliver products in the case of an event. 


Any information provided by the user will not be disclosed to third parties, barring the following cases:

  1. When the user has given prior consent concerning the sharing of said information.

  2. When a company conducting business on the behalf of Projek Hikayat requires personal information (such as delivery address) to provide products or services. However, in such cases, the aforesaid company may not use user information beyond what is necessary for relevant business activities. 

  3. When a formal inquiry is made by governmental organizations or institutions, such as the police. 

Regarding Use and Collection of Cookies

Like many sites, some of our services contain cookies in order to enhance user experience. Cookies store information on a user, to help manage and personalize a user’s online experience. However, cookies do not allow for individual identification unless the user has entered their personal data while using our services. Do note that cookies may be disabled in the user’s browser settings. Doing so will deny cookies but may render the user unable to access some of our services. 


Projek Hikayat uses cookies on our sites for the following: 

  • May be used to identify and confirm unauthorized use of service.

  • Used to aid members in accessing their login information 

  • Used to provide a better user experience 

  • Used to create user data statistics 

About Access Logs

Our website records standard information whenever users access our services online. 

This information is stored in an access log, and includes a user’s IP address, type of browser used, date and time of access, and cookie information. Rest assured, as this information will only be used for the operation of our site, allowing us to improve user experiences.


Projek Hikayat reserves the right to make revisions to our privacy policy, without prior notice to users. This includes revision of terms, guidelines, and terms and conditions. However, any changes will be announced publicly on Projek Hikayat’s official sites.

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