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Kurisu Kowa

A Nian who wished she could make friends with the village people, they scared her away because of her monstrous looks. After hiding for years, she finally emerged as a human girl.

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A descendant of the legendary mythical creatures known as Nians, Kurisu Kowa was always an outcast among the other Nians because of her peaceful and friendly nature. Choosing to see humans as friends not food, Kurisu would often try to make friends with the villagers from the nearby town. Seeing her monstrous looks however, the villagers would shoot fireworks at her instead to scare her away.

Heartbroken, Kurisu hid in her cave and cried for a long time...before finally emerging as a human girl! Finding herself lost in the 21st century, Kurisu discovers the internet and gets hooked immediately. She now streams online as a way to feed her growing addiction while making new friends! 



Live tag: #Kurishere

Art tag: #Kurayon

Meme tag: #Kuringe

Artist and Rigger: Mifflue

Fan name: Nianlings

Fan tag:


Birthday: 15th February

Height: 150 cm

Weight: 940 kg (pure muscle)

Age: Really olddddddddddd

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