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Manika Kuramu

A girl cursed by a Mambabarang, she now lives her life as a cursed voodoo doll playing games for people on the internet.

Graduated: 15th June 2023

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Manika Kuramu was originally a normal school girl who was cursed by a Mambabarang, otherwise known as a Filipino witch. Looking for a way to cast a spell on her school bullies, she stumbles upon a forbidden spell book and finds herself transformed into a  ̶c̶h̶e̶a̶p̶  plastic doll!

While most people would usually panic, Manika enjoys her life as a doll and isn't really looking for a way to undo the witch's curse (though she is tired of being so small....). Instead, she spends her days playing retro games and discussing weird topics on the internet. 

As a result of her unique situation, Manika failed to find a job or graduate high school. After years on the streets, she finally managed to sneak into a loving family's home - where she is a regular toy by day but a streamer by night! 



Live tag: #manIKZ 

Art tag: #kuraffiti

Meme tag: #memeika

Artist: RecycleVin

Rigger: ShiyoNuri

Fan name: Wormieez

Fan tag:


Birthday: 3rd March

Height: 12 cm

Weight: 0.2 kg

Age: Manufacturing date not found

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