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🎶Introducing Hikayat's Melodi🎸

The idea for Hikayat’s Melodi started with a song…

Last year, while boothing at a convention, we had the opportunity to meet a fan who told us she wanted to become a VSinger. After talking to her for a little bit, she jokingly sang “Superidol105°C” for us and instantly blew us away. With just a “meme” song, the idea for Hikayat’s Melodi started to brew…

As the year went by, we met more and more talented people who wanted to become VSingers, but didn’t have the resources or opportunity to chase their dream. It was then that we decided to do something about it.

Hikayat’s Melodi is Projek Hikayat’s effort to give back to the ACG community for all the support we’ve been shown over the years. The aim of the initiative is to give aspiring or experienced singers a hand by lending them our VTuber characters and platform to perform! Our goal is to create a space where aspiring singers can get a feel for being a VSinger while building their portfolio. If you, or anyone you know, is interested - feel free to apply using the link above! We welcome all aspiring, semi-professional, or even professional singers!!

How Does It Work?

Under this music initiative, we aim to release multiple original songs and covers - depending of course, on the availability of our partners and the VSingers themselves. That’s where you come in! The basic tl/dr of it is that you provide the voice, we provide the production, the VTuber avatar and the platform. You may also get a chance to work together with our talents!

Can I Apply?

Any aspiring local or international VSingers are welcome to apply! Please note though that at a minimum, we require applicants to be aged 18+ for legal purposes.

What is the application process like?

By sending in your application above, you are showing that you are interested in joining Hikayat’s Melodi. Please note that due to the nature of this initiative, we will not be able to accommodate everyone who applies. Instead, we will be vetting applicants on a song-to-song basis - which means some applications may take longer than others. We thank you for your understanding. Rest assured though because we intend to reply to every application!

Will I be getting a brand new VTuber model?

As mentioned, the aim of Hikayat’s Melodi is to highlight as many aspiring VSingers as we can by providing them support. Therefore, we will be lending our pre-made VTuber models, like Aida, out for any aspiring singers that have been onboarded to the initiative. We wish to be clear that this is NOT an audition, therefore please do not apply expecting long term employment or a brand new VTuber model. That is again, not the focus of our music initiative.



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