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📢Projek Hikayat VTuber Auditions - Chapter 2📢

Hello and welcome to Projek Hikayat,

Projek Hikayat is a Malaysian based, virtual talent agency that aims to share our love for VTubing with the world. As an agency, we have come a long way to bring new virtual stories to a wider audience.

We are now looking for more passionate fans of the VTubing community that are enthusiastic in joining Projek Hikayat’s adventure.

Join our current talents Kurisu Kowa, Manika Kuramu and the Projek Hikayat team using the link below. We look forward to working with you!!

Application period: 29th Jan - 3rd April 2023 [12:00 AM GMT+8]

Take a look at our FAQ! If your question is not on the list, feel free to reach out to us.

I only made content for only x amount of time! Am I still eligible?

Yes! Projek Hikayat values content creativity above all. Therefore, we are most interested in being able to assess your ability as a content creator. The main reason we ask this is mainly to view an applicant's performance outside of their application video.

I don't have much experience, can I still apply?

Yes! While experience is definitely a plus, it is not a deal breaker. We will primarily be looking at an applicant's performance above all else.

Is Projek Hikayat only looking for Malaysian applicants?

No! While Projek Hikayat is Malaysian based, we are open to receiving applications from all across the world. However, there is a preference for those who are able to work comfortably within the MYT timezone [GMT+8].

I'm a male vtuber. Can I apply?

Yes! Our utmost consideration is performance. Should an applicant surprise us with their content and performance, they stand a chance to be chosen.

Regarding the audition video, should I play a character or just be myself?

For the audition video, we will primarily be looking at the applicant's performance and the range of characters they can play. Therefore, you are encouraged to portray both within your auditions.

What languages should I use for the self-introduction video?

We encourage applicants to use English in their self-introduction video! However, you may also demonstrate your proficiency in other languages if you wish to.

What does your audition process look like?

The first stage is the Audition, where applicants submit their application via the google form. All applicants can expect a reply from us within a 2-week time period regarding the status of their application.

The next phase is the Interview, where we will arrange an interview with successful applicants. Applicants will be fully briefed before agreeing to move onto the last phase, being the Confirmation, signing of contract, and debut. Note that the last phase only occurs after our auditions close.

Refer to the below post for ease of understanding!

Want to join? Apply here:


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