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Animangaki Merch Alert! 🏴‍☠️

Projek Hikayat will be selling Manika and Kurisu's first exclusive merchandise at Animangaki 2022!! Featuring our dripped out T-shirts, along with smoll Manika and snacking Kurisu. That's not all, we have amazing deals lined up for you Wormiez and Nianliangs too!

Not only will you get a free sticker when you buy one matching set, any Wormiez/Nianlings that buy an entire set can buy it at only RM 179.99. Wormiez/Nianlings that follow Manika or Kurisu on Tiktok OR Twitch are also entitled to a 10% discount for any one item. Please check out the full terms and conditions below.

Terms and Conditions

1. Each deal/discount is eligible for one purchase only

2. Each deal/discount is non-stackable ( i.e. cannot be used on one purchase only)

3. To claim the special Follower Discount, simply show our booth volunteers that you follow Manika's/Kurisu's relevant social media account.


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