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Do you ever feel like a Discommunication Alien at your family gatherings?😶 Don’t worry, Aida knows how you feel!

This Chinese New Year, confess your true feelings to your family by showing them this song!! This is the first official song from Hikayat’s Melodi, our brand new music initiative to highlight aspiring VSingers!! 🎵

We'll be posting all our covers on YouTube, we hope you'll enjoy!

Apply to be a VSinger:


Original song : ディスコミュ星人 / Discommunication Alien by ナナヲアカリ

Singer: Lyla Empleo Aviñon

Illustrations by: @ManikaCh & Poiang

Edited by: Omabataki

Special thanks to: Manika Kuramu & Kurisu Kowa

Organized by: Projek Hikayat for Hikayat's Melodi


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